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New Stock Arrived! We now stock Balance Boards

RV Wholesale is now your local Balance Board Wholesaler

We are pleased to announce this August that RV Wholesale has become the East coast Wholesale distributor of Balance Boards, Wobble Boards, Bongo Boards.

After over 12 months RV Wholesale has been in negotiations and seen the development of Balance Board Training as one of the Fitness industries fastest growing segments. Latest statistics rate Balance Board Training as one of the industries growing trends.

Once upon a time Balance Boards where only used by Surfers to enhance their Balance and build core strength, very soon after there was a small number of professional skaters and snow boarders that followed, These Professionals were seeing the results that cross training could offer them.

Now your average person get reep the benefits, most Gym’s, personal trainers and BOOT CAMP style training programs offer Balance Board/ Wobble Board Training to increase core strength and co-ordination.



RV Wholesale now offers candle supplies

Nothing beats a homemade touch, which is why gift-givers turn to crafts when in search of the perfect gift and RV Wholesale has added candle making supplies to our product range.

Candle making is a simple and creative way – with unlimited options – to get your foot in the door of the crafting world.

Below we explore a simple way to that you can make candles yourself at home!

How To Make Candles

The very first step you will take in the candle making process, is to pick a wax.

There are several different types of wax, so when choosing one you will want to take into consideration how quickly they will burn, how malleable they are if you want to maneuver it into different shapes, and of course based on these choices you will need to match it with the right wick.

If you are a little uncertain about choosing your wick, don’t worry. We will be able to offer recommendations about the size and type of wax to pair it with.

For this example on how to make candles we’re going to use soy wax because it is clean burning, inexpensive and mixes great with other oils so you can capture the perfect scent. We’re also going to go for a country look and use clear mason jars for holders.

The Process

For each pint sized mason jar you will need to melt 14 oz of soy wax

  • Melt wax in a double boiler at medium to low heat until completely liquid

○      Note: Never leave this unattended.

  • While melting the wax and keeping a watchful eye, secure the wick to the bottom of the mason jar with hot glue and wait until dry. Your wick should be thick enough to stand on its own when you are ready to pour the wax in
  • After the wax is completely melted allow it to cool until it is between the range of 120 – 140 degrees fahrenheit
  • Once it is between the range, add one ounce of your desired fragrance and any colourants you might want – apple cinnamon makes for a great country scent!
  • Pour wax in jar and allow to cool
  • Now that the wax is cooled, trim your wick to about ½ an inch et voila! You have your very own scented candle that smells fresh from the oven!

How about it? Think candle making could be something you would like to learn? Drop in to RV Wholesale and we’ll help you out.

RV Wholesale Drop Ships

As of 1.6.2014 RV Wholesale is now offering Drop Shipping.
This has been voted and approved by the board of directors to offer our clients this option. The Board at RV Wholesalers believe this will open up a new market and create more revenue streams to take our business to the next level in 2016.
The chairman and the board have held off many times in taking the option to Drop Ship direct to our Clients customers.
If you are unfamiliar with Drop shipping please see our link What is Drop Shipping to give yourself a better understand of the process.

Below we have outlined a few questions about our business.

1) What is required to open an account with you?
2) Do you offer Drop Shipping?
3) Do you have a order Drop Shipping Fee?
4) How do you Ship your Orders? (Fed-Ex, DHL or UPS)
5) Can I place orders by forwarding emails to you?
6) How long does it take to receive an invoice and tracking number once an order is placed?
7) DO you accept credit cards and Paypal for Payment?
8) Do you assign a single sales representative to my account?
9) What is your return policy?
10) What is the warranty on your goods?
11) How long has your company been in Business?
12) How long has most of your sales representatives been in the industry?
13) Do you operate any retail businesses in addition to your wholesale?
14) What are your BEST selling Brands and items?
15) What type of end customer makes up the largest buying group?

If you want to start a Drop Shipping business please contact us, we would be more than willing to help.

RV Wholes offer SUP

With the ability to burn up to 800 calories in one hour, it’s no wonder Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) has skyrocketed in popularity and so has inflatable stand up paddle boards

The core of your body includes the stomach, lower back and upper thigh region. In other words it is your mid-section that essentially bridges the gap between your upper and lower body while providing foundational strength for the whole body. Unbalanced surfaces are highly effective for training or building up core muscles and so any sport that is dynamic and calls for a lot of stabilization automatically becomes an excellent core training activity.

The core muscles are what stabilize you and help grip the deck of the paddle board through your feet. Because that large and complex muscle group is being engaged the entire time one is on the board, paddle boarding gives immense core training benefits.

Tip # 1: Start With Lessons

Many Stand Up Paddlers, especially those who learned from scratch on their own, tend to advise hands-on experience to get better in the sport. However, the best way to get better at it fast and easy is to learn it from an expert through lessons.
One of the best things about attending Stand Up Paddle classes is that you will be taught everything you need to know about the sport without having to find out on your own. You will be undergoing physical exercises to help improve your leg and arm power, as well as helping you learn to balance your body to maneuver your board with ease. Also, these classes will give you in-depth knowledge on how to use your equipment to its full potential, as well as safety tips to avoid hurting yourself when you’re skimming through the water.

Tip # 2: Find Your Balance

Any Stand Up Paddler on the planet would tell you that finding your balance is very important for a successful Paddling experience. Outside your classes, you can practice your balance on a Paddle Board in your swimming pool (if it’s big enough) or you can do so on the beach. First, you need to find a position for your stand up position. There are three basic drills we like to use, 1) Feet together-eoes touching 2) Feet Crossed 3) Surfing position – but you need to make sure that you are well balanced before you attempt the surfing any swell to avoid getting wiped out.

Tip # 3: Know the Best Locations to Paddle

If you want to be an expert paddler then you need to try out to other locations than the local spot to really get into the spirit of the sport. It is normal for Paddlerss to go on a road trip to find the best Paddle spots for them to try out their skills. Besides, experience different Paddling grounds tend to add to the overall experience for your improvement.

Tip # 4: Safety First

The one of the most important Paddling tips is the one about your safety. That’s right; Stand Up paddling can be a dangerous sport, especially if you’re not familiar with the hazards and not knowledgeable of the steps to avoid it. For starters, you need to make sure that you have the right equipment, like your Paddle Board tied securely to your ankle with a leash, wearing a Personal floatation device, surveying the location for hidden sandbars, rocks, or shallow reefs that might result to accidents while Stand Up paddling. And of course if you’re up here in Townsville Crocodiles.

Safety Tip # 1: Always Warm Up First before Venturing Out

That’s right; the most common problem with Stand Up Paddle Board Surfing is getting a cramp while swimming after your board after getting thrown off your board or while you’re skimming through the waves. If you’re not careful then a simple muscle cramp on your arms or legs can drown you. This is why it is important to always do some warm up exercises and stretching before you attempt the waves. Do squats and stretch while you’re still on the beach to get your muscles ready for the task ahead. It might also be a good idea to do a little bit of bending exercises for added flexibility and to loosen up your joints.

Safety Tip # 2: Wear Something That Floats

An important requirement expected of a Stand Up paddler before challenging the waves or flatwater is that they should know how to swim in case they are thrown off their boards. Once you are thrown off, the first thing that should always come to mind is to swim back up and get your face out of the water. Extreme cases is what you are carried by the waves or current deep down into the water so you need to have the necessarily skills to propel yourself up before you run out of air or lose consciousness. If you’re not a good swimmer then you better wear something that floats, like life jacket.

Safety Tip # 3: Stay on the Flatwater.

It’s important to relax enjoy your time and experience on the water. You will pick Stand Up paddling up quicker than surfing. Stay in the river or flatwater until you are ready to move on. Relax and smile.

Find our range of stand up paddle boards for sale